Thursday, May 04, 2006


You will probably feel more comfortable wearing lose cotton clothing while traveling in the Mediterranean. Most Mid Western Americans feel compelled to wear shorts in the heat. Europeans do not wear shorts for the simple fact that very few people look good in them. Look around if you do not believe me...

Girls, you will feel more comfortable wearing a pair of sexy Capri khakis, a romantic flowing long skirt or a smart mini skirt than wearing a pair of short, shorts. Lads, baggy khakis do much better in 105 degree weather better than jeans. Fortunately for you, baggy shorts although they look sloppy, will do just fine just about everywhere. European men emulate American fashions but their pants don't look like they need a diaper change (gasp! did I just say that?)

T-shirts with logos are popular among young European males but you will find that females only wear logo T-shirts on the way to the gym. Girls do, however, wear logo less little Tees and spaghetti strap numbers that play up one's youthful back and shoulders in the moonlight. Shoes should always be comfortable. So if you can help it, don't plan to break in new shoes on tour. Instead, wear them for a couple of weeks before departure. Another great option are open toed sandals with a good sole because they allow your feet to breathe and protect your feet from the 1000 year old cobble stone pavement.

In the evening, women love to promenade in medium heal sling backs or those cute flip flops with heals. Europeans wear rubber flip flops only to the beach. So lads, have some pride and keep your hairy toes inside a handsome and flattering pair of sandals. Sneakers will do real well, if you enjoy ripe baked feet!

Europeans are very smart dressers and love to clean up to stroll in the streets or to go out for a late dinner. I am not going to require you to dress up for dinner but you will find that you quickly get in the habit of "blinging" out a bit in the evenings. During our trip there are only a few times where dress codes must be followed:

1. Emergency Church Kit (ECK): Italians expect everyone to dress appropriately when visiting their churches. Since we have a few friggin' amazing cathedrals to visit on this tour, you will be required to do as the Romans. Women are not allowed to bear their shoulders and/ or wear shorts or mini skirts inside a church. Men are not allowed to wear hats and short-shorts will not only bother the Italian saints but will gross me out horribly.
An ECK consists of a light sweater or shirt to cover ones arms, a wrinkle free wrap around skirt (see pattern at the end of article for a simple homemade version) or a pair of slacks. You can easily slip this kit on before you enter a church. I just plan to wear my ECK on the days we will visit a church so that I do not have to carry it around.
2. Blue and White Greek dinner on the cruise. Blue and white are the colors of the Greek flag so we honor it wearing our best nautical colors with anything blue and white. You can do an entire outfit or simply accessorize with blue and white scarf or bandana. Your call!
3. Captains Dinner on the cruise: This is the night we dine and dance with the captain of our cruise ship to celebrate our last night on his boat. It is a bit formal so have fun getting dolled up. Boys usually wear khakis and button downs (pack the wrinkle free type) and sometimes even a tie. Girls glam up a bit more. Dig out that cute semi formal that is in the back of girls (or your girlfriend's) closet. Here you thought you would never wear that thing again! Click on the picture for ideas.

Wrap around skirt: Joann fabrics has a half off all Indian fabrics sale so you can easily and inexpensively make your own. Simply sew 12 inch straps to both sides of a length of one and a half or two yards of flowy Indian fabric (depending on your girth). Wrap it around yourself and measure for length from your hip down (It can be slightly above the knee, Tea length or floor length), Unwrap the skirt to cut to desired length and hem. Tah dah!! Your own dreamy Indian wrap around skirt. When you wear the skirt, make sure the opening is in the back and that your roll the waist down to fit your hips. I am partial to the floor length skirts myself. I look fabulous in them...
If you cannot figure this pattern out, just bring your fabric to my classroom and I will talk you through it and show you mines...


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