Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tons more pictures!
I have so many more pictures and short movies to share with you. It has been a bit complicated getting to an internet cafe. We have been seriously tired. Today, we are in Athens, Greece. We visited the Acropolis and took pictures in front of the famous Parthenon. It was 115 degrees F today and we just about cooked!!!! It was definetly a slow simmer.
We also shopped in the Plaka (, which is an Athenian outdoor flea market shopping center. We got lots of cool souvenirs
Tomorrow, we will be boarding our cruise ship to Mikonos and the rest of the Island. We are all looking forward to see the white washed houses with the Aladdin blue domes ( ).
There will not be a Cruise phone
line where you will be able to reach us. Instead, please use this number if you need to reach us: 011 30 693 269 1649. The phone belongs to Miky, our tour guide. He will be the one answering the phone. If you have any problems getting thru to this number, please dial 00 on your phone and ask the international operator to help you connect with that number (extra fee)
I hope that the ship has wireless internet or an internet cafe so that I can send you more pictures.


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