Thursday, July 13, 2006

The inevitable...These students thought it would be fun to watch their parents lose it when they showed them these very realistic looking tattoos. Actually, they were the work of one of the many Hennah artists that set up shop on the beaches and market places and stenciled your favorite design for a few dollars. Posted by Picasa

Night shows in the Sea Diamond Posted by Picasa

In the Grand Bazaar in Turkey, we were invited for apple tea in a carpet store that belong to some friends of mine who sold carpets out of my house last year. Posted by Picasa

Early in the morning, the Sea Diamond (in background) dropped us off in the Island of Patmos. Here, the Virgin Mary spend her last days. You can even visit her house. Posted by Picasa

The Palace of the Grand Master vs Trey Posted by Picasa

On the Greek Island of Rhodes stand these 2 pedestals. Supposedly, they mark the place where the legendary Colossus of Rhodes. The giant statue's feet are rumored to have stood where you see these 2 columns. Ships of all sizes where welcomed into Rhodes thru the legs of this statue. Posted by Picasa

Beach day on the Island of Rhodes Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 03, 2006

Mousolini's Grand Masters Palace in the legendary island of Rhoades. Posted by Picasa

This is not a postcard...
It is a picture of the amazing Mikonos sunsets. Notice the octupi hanging on the boat!!??? Posted by Picasa

Singing to the Sunset
Trey greeting the incredible sunset infront of the famous wind mills of the island of Mikonos Posted by Picasa

Living in the moment in Mikonos. Sami and Gayle enjoy some down time in the glorious island of Mikonos Posted by Picasa

Finally, we are cruising!
Here is a picture of us infront of our luxurious paddle boat named the Sea Diamond!! it was incredible. Posted by Picasa

Jordan and Jennifer chat in the out door bar on the top of our Athenian hotel. Posted by Picasa

The Parthenon on the Acropolis
On day 2 in Athens, we climbed to the top of the acropolis to see the famous Parthenon. Here we are standing on the back to the building. The front of the builing is undergoing massive reconstruction. Posted by Picasa

On our first night in Athens, we were treated to a night of Greek folkloric dancing and traditional Greek food...OPAH!!!! Posted by Picasa

Outside of Delphi, we stopped at a ceramics workshop to learn more about Greek anphora and pottery. Here we are listening to our local tour guide and watching him make a demonstration piece. Posted by Picasa

Here we are infront of the tomb of Agamemnon who was one of the king of the Micenean civilization. This tomb and surrounding village are over 3,ooo years old!! Posted by Picasa

Jeremy listening to the tour guide talking about this fantastic ancient greek theater. Jeremy, you are everyone's rock!!! Posted by Picasa

Tricia having some solice from the 115 degree Greek weather. Posted by Picasa

The theater of Epidaurus
This ancient theater has an amazing sound capabilties. One can whisper on the stage area and the people in the nose bleed sections hear perfectly. Posted by Picasa

Laundry day....what a bore. Jeremiah's room smelled like a Vietnamese laundromat. Notice the laundry rope path. Posted by Picasa

Laundry Day!!
Mitch and Jordan do laundry like the old Greek house wives. It took them a while to hang the rope to hang the drenched, soapy clothes. Creative huh? Posted by Picasa

Eating at the sea shore at our hotel restaurant. It was Trey's 13th birthday today. Posted by Picasa

We finally had a day of rest at the Greek resort of Tolo. Our hotel was 7 meters off the sea shore. Here we are swimming right infront of the hotel. Notice the amazing turquoise color of the Aegean sea. Posted by Picasa

The naval of the world.
Ancient Greeks believed that Delphi was the belly button of the world because they thought they were the center of everything. Izzy and Sarah showing their buttons. Posted by Picasa