Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Using your headphones responsibly
I personally am addicted to my ipod. My headphones/earphones are on all the time. However, I am going to curve the use of your earphones on tour. When your headphones/earphones are on, it is difficult to absorb life around you. There will be many foreign things that you will need to observe and get use to. The last thing you need is to further isolate yourself with a wall of loud music (audio books are my sin). You will be encouraged to use your earphones on the plane, on the bus (when there is no audio tour), on the ferry, on the cruise ship, etc. You may not use your headphones/earphones while walking in the streets, in the stores, on a tour or in restaurants (or eating context). In fact, I encourage you to leave your gadgets in your hotel room during such times because you will need to be alert and extremely aware of your surroundings. This will be important for your safety and that of the whole group


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