Tuesday, June 20, 2006

June 20th Day 5
We have been playing so hard that it has been nearly impossible to blog. We visited Venice on day 3 (pictures to come). It was a fabulous day and we all got to experience the European carefree culture first hand. We arrived in Venice in a bus boat (Venice is on a Laguna), met our local tour guides and went to see a demonstation of Venician glass blowing. It was amazing (pictures to come). The techniques used by todays artists are the exact ones used by Venicians centuries ago. We also got a chance to buy some Venician glass

On Day 4, we travelled to Florence. We travelled thru the beautiful Appenine Mountain Range to reach my most favorite city. We had some free time to see the sights when we arrived and most students hit the famous flee markets of Florence. We also got a chance to eat the famous Bistec a la Florentina, which is a very juicy steak (from very special beef grown only in Tuscany). The meal came with other Tuscan marvels like their fried potatoes and real Tuscan Chianti.

On Day 5, we travelled again to Florence. We had a tour of Bruneleschi's Dome Cathedral (il Duomo). He was only 26 years old when he began this 10 year project. Michael Angelo, later copied his design to raise the dome of the cathedral of St Peter in Rome. We got to see that statue of the David and many other Michael Angelo and his pupil's works. We will stop by the tomb of Leonardo Da Vinci and Michael Angelo on our way to Piza today.

I promise to have many pictures soon (or as time permits). There is so much to do that our motto has become...."We will sleep when we get home"!!!


Blogger amy said...

hi mitch, i hope your having a great time!! call mom!!

10:02 AM  
Blogger byfordk said...

I will try to call tomorrow,Thursday,early & late evening to try to catch you. The Cavanaughs have helped me, and Greece should be fine. Jenn only knows Greece will be fine. Thanks so much for the call!

5:34 PM  
Blogger byfordk said...

Hello Matinga and Jenn,
Talked to Mr. Cavanaugh, he got his sons message, and has now covered everything. It is Saturday,6/24, and I am not getting through on the phone number so I am writing. I hope you see this. We hope everyone is having a fantastic time! - Karen

5:29 AM  

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